The Ultimate Style Guide for Men’s Haircuts! ~ David Beckham

28 06 2008

The other day I had a client in my chair and he wanted to check out my look book for men’s haircuts.  Needless to say, I told him…if you are looking for a new and updated style, look no further than DAVID BECKHAM!  This man is the ulitmate style guide for what is in for haircuts (actually, for cutting edge style – the European soccer players lead the way!). 

If you haven’t seen your current hairstyle on David…may I suggest you RUN (not walk) to your stylist and get updated – FAST!  Not sure what style will work for you, well check out David throughout the years!  One of these styles will work!  – Hey, comment and let me know which one is your favorite!  My favorite is row 3 column 3!


Glamorous Bridal, Prom, Formal, and Red Carpet Celebrity Hairstyles

24 06 2008

Summer is here and what does that mean?  It is BRIDAL season…ok, so kill me, I missed the boat for our June brides, but hey, they get ALL of the attention, so for all of my future brides out there, I thought I would do a post on the latest bridal styles. 

**don’t forget to check out the Bridal page for additional styles and tips!!**

Martin Parsons

When it comes to summer bridal trends, artist and educator Vivienne Mackinder thinks that this quote says it all: “Style is timeless, fashion is fleeting.” She says, “That is very important for a bride–hair should be clean, classic and elegant.” Vivienne characterizes the best classics as “undone formal glamour,” adding that this is also the prevailing red carpet trend. And, she adds, “We’re seeing lots of curly and wavy textures…”  Remember, when choosing a hair stylist, ensure that the person has EXCELLENT finishing skills and in order to have your hair last, I recommend getting a “set”.  Wet sets (roller sets) will last you for the ENTIRE day, marcel irons take 2nd place, and last place for keeping a curled style is when the stylist using their flat iron to curl your hair.  Also, book plenty of time for your appointment and the person who does the style the cheapest, is not always the right person.  Remember, you will be looking at those wedding pictures for the rest of your life, so don’t cut corners on your hair (or makeup!).

Below is another great hair stylist tip!

The Bridal “Hug and Tug”

Jolene Deer of A Head of Time Salon in Sydney, NE noticed that the constant hugging at weddings tugged at her brides’ headpieces, causing veils to slip and slide. Her solution is to attach three inches of thin florist wire to both sides of the comb and/or tiara, create two small loops big enough to slide a bobby pin into, and anchor it into the hair. She shows the bride’s personal attendant how to release the pins for the reception. She creates the same rig for the flower girls, who are also frequent “squeeze” targets. “They love this extra security, knowing that everything will stay put,” says Deer, “and family and friends are free to ‘hug and tug’ away!”

Until next week!  ENJOY!

Jessica Alba Jessica Alba  
Jessica Alba Kiera Knightley  
Jennifer Anniston Charlize Theron  

Jennifer Lopez



And the readers choice for best hair is…Carrie Underwood!

17 06 2008

Well, I have been doing some tracking on the site and the person’s picture that received the most hits was none other than CARRIE UNDERWOOD!  She beat out Loren Conrad, Kelly Pickler, Kim Kardashian! (Kim did come in second)…so as a tribute to the beautiful Carrie Underwood I went out searching for pictures from 2005-2008.  Wow, what a transformation!  Made me want to run out and get some extensions!  Ok, and a personal trainer too!

But seriously, check this out.  Carrie has always been gorgeous, but now, her look is refined and polished.  So, what year was your favorite style for Carrie?  My vote is for 2007 (although I was torn because I loved her look in 2006 too).  Honestly though, could she ever look…bad?  Nah!  Keep it up Carrie!

Everyone, comment and tell me what you think, which year was her best look?  Is there a look you would like to see her wear?  Or is she perfect just the way she is?

Have a great week!  Until then….may all your days be good hair days!

Carrie Underwood in 2005
Carrie Underwood in 2006 - AMA Awards
Carrie Underwood in 2007 - American Idol
Carrie Underwood in 2008 - American Country Music Awards

People Stylewatch – What’s Her Best Hair?

17 06 2008 has an excellent feature on the stars’ latest cuts and color changes – and then vote on which do suits Lauren Conrad, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Lopez, Sara Evans and more. Here’s the link and some sample styles from it.

Celebrity Hairstyles

Kim Kardashian – Glamour Girl!

9 06 2008

I applaud Kim Kardashian for keeping glamour alive and well in Hollywood!  In a time when people are starving themselves thin, she does the opposite….she shows the world that you CAN be drop dead gorgeous and still have curves!

Her curves usually get the attention, but what is often not reported on is how she plays up her REAL BEAUTY!  Her almond shaped eyes are emplasized with eye liner and shimmering shadows, never overpowering her, but rather enticing the viewer into the picture.  Her hair always shines and is backcombed to give height at the crown to elongate her body and balance her top half with her curves.

Kim Kardashian

Some quick “secret tips” for achieiving Kim’s style:

  • Eyes:  Line the inside top rim of your eyes with black eyeliner.  Yes, that is right, lift your eyelid, there is a rim, top of eye – using a sharpened eye pencil (make sure it glides on easy), line the rim.  It gives an instant BOOST to the eye.  Also line the inside lower rim and the top of the eyelid (near lash line) with liner.
  • Hair:  My favorite backcombing by is “TeaZe” brush by Phillips (you can buy this at Sally’s beauty supply).  The brish has 3 rows that allows you to backcomb and smooth (without taking out the backcoming you just did!).  It will help you get the extra volume in your hair without it looking…”ratty”.  To achieve the style, it is best to have curled your hair.  Once it is set, pick up the section, back comb the underside of the hair starting at the midshaft to the root using long strokes.  Next, smooth top of the teased section by lightly brushing with the same TeaZe brush.

Hope these style tips help!  Stay tuned for more styling tip and “how to” tips.  Also, if there is a certain style you would like to know how to achieve, e-mail me!

Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian

The Pussycat Dolls and Nicole Scherzinger – Talk about WOW Factor!

4 06 2008

As you might guess, I am a huge fan of the Pussycat Dolls!  I mean, there are women all over the burbs taking Urban Striptease classes just because of this group!  But what I love about them is that they do not have a cookie cutter appearance (we are talking hair and makeup folks! ha ha).  I mean, they have gorgeous redheads, blondes, burnettes, short, curly, long…you name it!  Hello!

Have I died and gone to hair heaven!

Pussycat Dolls

I really like Kimberly’s (the short blonde) hair (ok, so that is the hair cut I am sporting these days, but isn’t it cute!).  It gives a variety to the long hair with the loose curls (which is totally sexy and the RAVE!), but as women, we all love choices, don’t we?  So the next time you move your hips and sing their latest hit “When I Grow Up“, figure out what Pussycat Doll YOU are and add a little VA-VOOM to your style.  No matter how subtle or drastic it is! ***UPDATE**CHECK OUT MY LATEST BLOG FOR NEW PIX FOR DOLL DOMINATION!

Nicole ScherzingerNicole Scherzinger

Pussycat Dolls at the Maxim Hot 100 Party