Viewer Choice – Carrie Underwood Wins Again!

29 07 2008

Hi everyone!

Well, it happened again!  The viewers of the site ask for her and well, how can I refuse?  Carrie Underwood receives the top views of this site, so once again, CARRIE wins the Viewer Choice Award!  The prize??  Well, more photos of Carrie, OF COURSE!

Carrie Underwood

Carrie at LAX Airport July 24, 2008

Below are some photos taken July 25 and 26, I also included a two great photos from a shoot (not sure the date on it).  I also wanted to show everyone her hair (I know one site was showing some older photos which could cause some confusion as to her current hair style).  Carrie is still rockin’ the loose curls and beautiful side swept bangs.  Please visit the “how to” section of this site for some tips on how to reproduce her beautiful look!

Thanks again for continuing to check out  You, the viewers, help dictate the photos and “how to” videos on this site, so if you want to see a different celebrity or want some info on how to reproduce a celebrity style, send me a comment and I will definitely get back to you! The site is updated weekly!

Carrie UnderwoodCarrie Underwood

Carrie UnderwoodCarrie Underwood

Carrie UnderwoodCarrie Underwood


It’s Britney..______……..Could it be? Is She Back?..You be the Judge!

25 07 2008
Britney Spears 2001

Before K-Fed

Ok, so I did this dance not too long ago…you know you did too!  Remember, David Letterman.  Wow, I was so excited, but then, well Lindsey…Paris…Headshaving…Paps…bad wigs…rehab…hospitals…train wreck…after train wreck…you get it right!

But, I don’t know if it is the miracles worked by celebrity hairstylist Kim Vo or what, but I am ever so hopeful that she is back.  Yikes, Ok, so maybe her dad helped play a role in her trip to normalville, but I would like to think as a hairstylist that well, maybe having great extensions helped too!  Check out the photos below.  She still looks a little “tired” but I can see more life in her eyes than well…the MTV Awards!

Hey, at least her hair looks great!  Check out the difference between before K-Fed and after (taken July 24, 2008), a little more life, right?!?


Britney Spears 2008  Britney Spears    Britney Spears July 24 2008

Hayden Panettiere NEW Short Hair Style!

22 07 2008
Hayden Panettiere Before


I am so excited to share the following photos that were just uploaded of Hayen Panettiere’s new hair style.  It appears that she has been bitten by the trend bug and decided to crop her ‘do with the latest bob.  What I love most about Hayden’s bob is that it was cut with disconnection in the front, which I LOVE LOVE LOVE!  This is something that the Paul Mitchell team has been doing for a while and it just adds an edge to a style and modernizes the classic cuts.

Not brave enough to cut off your long locks? Check out my “how to page” to watch a video on how to turn your long layers into a cropped style (no scissors required!).  **blog w/ new photos of Hayden on 8.9.08**

Hayden Panettiere Hayden Panettiere

I have also included a video that shows one of my Paul Mitchell idols cutting a style similar to Hayden’s!  Check it out…Takashi, one of the world’s best cutters (if not THE world’s best).

Jessica Simpson – The Smartest Dumb Blonde in the World!

16 07 2008

If you are anything like me, you adore Jessica Simpson.  I have cheered her on as she went from breakup to breakup and prayed she didn’t turn into another ~ you get the point……but thank goodness through everything she always had and HAS great hair!  Thank goodness for Ken Paves!  If you are uncertain who Ken Paves is, he is her hair dresser and simply amazing!  I am forgiving him for the brown hair, as it did match her skin tone, but still…I am asking the hair Gods and Angels to never let Jessica lose her signature style! She is a beautiful blonde and I love her extensions (HairDo Extensions)  I have never seen a photo of her where they are showing and frankly she always looks good (even when leaving the Olive Garden or Chiles).  *If you want to replicate the lose curls, check out my “how to” video section*.    

I am super excited that Jessica is doing country music (Come On Over Video) and I am happy that she is in love again (a better fit if you ask me).  I can’t wait to see her at the awards ceremonies and see how Ken styles her hair. 

 Yeah!  Jessica is BACK…better than ever!
Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson Jessica Simpson  
Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson Jessica Simpson

Jennifer Aniston – Everyone’s Favorite Friend!

11 07 2008

Well, from day one, I have always been on team Jennifer!  I know, I know, that was like, what 4 kids ago?  But still, I am glad Jennifer has found love.  Speaking of that, check out the latest photos from a shoot she did recently.  What I am curious to see is if Jen let’s her hair go totally natural since she is with John Mayer (remember how dark Jessica Simpson went when she was with him!).

Men aside, Jen has always had the best style!  I still have people asking for the “Rachel”, no worries, we have updated versions!  But what is interesting is that even though Jennifer stated she hates the Rachel, if you really look closely at her hairstyle today, it is a LONGER version of the “Rachel” that is it!  Amazing, huh?  Kinda goes back to my theory that we all tend to stick to styles that remind of us the best times of our lives.  Nothing wrong with that, as long as you make sure the style is up-to-date, which Jennifer does beautifully!

Until next week!  I hope the humidity outside is kind to everyone’s hair!

All the best!

Natural, Simplistic Beauty!
Jennifer Aniston Jennifer Aniston  
 Jennifer Aniston Jennifer Aniston  
Jennifer Aniston Jennifer Aniston  

Jennifer Aniston

Pre Friends!

Encore..Encore! Kelly Ripa – America’s Beautiful Daytime Host!!

6 07 2008

Hi Everyone!

Due to the great overwhelming demand for photos of Kelly Ripa, I decided to share some addtional photos that didn’t make the first round post! Some of these are go back a few years, so I hope you enjoy!

Thanks again for checking out my site!  If there is a celebrity hairstyle you would like me to post about please let me know and I will be more than happy to share some photos and styling tips with you!

Encore Posting!
Kelly Ripa Kelly Ripa
Kelly Ripa Kelly Ripa
Kelly Ripa \Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa – Regis’ girl sure knows her style!

3 07 2008

America and Regis’ favorite sweetheart! We all love her…Kelly Ripa! I have been watching her (and adoring her) since her days as Haley on All My Children!

My favorite thing about her is that her style is “girl next door”, polished, and glamorous – ALL ROLLED INTO ONE! Could this be possible? Well, with Kelly, you betcha! She never did anything too outlandish with her style. She would go through the many shades of blonde, bangs, no bangs, layers, no layers, bob, back to layers again. I think that is why so many women can relate to her. Seriously. Most of us are not looking to do a complete REMAKE of ourselves. When we “step out of the box” we are thinking low light…or maybe some a few extra highlights. We don’t want anything drastic, we just want beauty…Pure Beauty!

Kelly has that and her stylist certainly knows how to bring out her best features. Below are some of my favorite pix. The photoshoot in 2004 inspires me so much. I mean, CAN YOU SAY GLAMOUR! Sigh…well, hope you enjoy!

Until next week! May every day be a good hair day!

Blonde Bombshell!
Kelly Rippa Kelly Ripa  
 Kelly Ripa Kelly Ripa  
Kelly Ripa Kelly Ripa