Celebrity Color, Cuts, and Trends – Must HAVE Style for Fall!

24 08 2008

The weather is cooling down and we all know what that means!  It is time to WOW our classmates, co-workers and friends with our all so chic style! Now, before you head back to your stylist, check out the What is HOT and what’s NOT! Here are some celebrity trends worth watching…and doing!

The Long Layered Look
Think: Blake Lively, Vanessa Hudgens, Miley Cyrus, Giselle
Blake Lively

With new seasons of The Hills and Gossip Girl hitting the airwaves, the tousled, long, layered, “California girl” look is a hit!

Here’s how:
Have your stylist start the layers at the collarbone, keeping the hair fuller at the top and wispy at the ends,” advises Ruth Roche owner of Rare Salon in NYC. “Hair should be simple,” Roche adds. “It should have an undone, almost grown-out look; not over-styled.”

Vanessa Hudgens

If your hair is naturally curly or wavy hair (a la Vanessa Hudgens), you can keep it from becoming too “poufy” by having your stylist texturizing the areas underneath by cutting vertical sections. “This is like Spanx for the hair!” Roche says. “It keeps everything tucked in.” Alice Salizar, Director Stylist at Art + Science Salon in Evanston, IL agrees. “I create concave layering, cutting on a steep incline. Then, depending on the client, I snip or slide cut texture into the hair.”

Lauren Conrad

If you are looking for the look of The Hills’ Lauren Conrad, Mezei Jefferson, national educator for Ulta Salons, recommends asking your stylist to cut short layers in the interior and creating a longer, side-swept fringe. 

For a “just got home from the beach” wave on straight-haired gals, keep the styling simple. At Rare, stylists wrap nearly-dry hair around an iron and then tug on each strand gently as it’s cooling. Scrunching and tousling create the right degree of “imperfect finish.” Roche suggests, “Constantly working your hands through the hair while it’s still slightly damp will also create the look.” And, says Salizar, for a special occasion (the Homecoming dance, perhaps?), add a Hills-inspired braid to long, layered waves.

The Heavy Fringe
Think: Kate Moss, Rachel Bilson, Reese Witherspoon, Camilla Belle

Reese Witherspoon

Rachel Bilson

This look is popular with the college-age young-ish twenty-somethings, and she says they all want that flattering, Kate Moss fringe. Paula Malloy, Creative Director for JCPenney Salons, says a strong fringe updates a long, one-length look. “Be sure to polish it off using a ceramic flat iron,” she advises. The very blunt bang paired with long, straight hair gives off a cool ‘60s vibe.

Here’s how:
While a heavy fringe is ideal for straight, thick hair, it works well on most hair textures except curly. “The fringe should be relatively long, just below the eyebrows,” advises Salizar. “ For those that don’t want a strong look, get something a little more feathered, like Reese Witherspoon’s heavenly fringe. “You can have your stylist create a choppier, feathered bang with a razor, rounding to the sides of the cheekbones,” Salizar suggests.

Shorter Styles
Think: Paris Hilton, Rihanna, Katie Holmes, Elisha Cuthbert

Short styles are more popular than ever for younger clients. Girls love Rihanna, not just for her vocal stylings, but for her edgy, no-fear attitude when it comes to her personal style. Salizar says that Chicago girls often bring in photographs of the R&B diva. “Even if they don’t go quite as severe, shorter-haired girls will ask for choppier, angled pieces inspired by Rihanna,” she says. But be careful – Pixies are best for petite girls who are edgy and want to stand out.
Bobs are timeless and remain popular, and there are many ways to wear them. Roche likes to cut her clients’ bobs so they skim the shoulders. Malloy recommends updating a medium length bob with a piecey exterior and a cool color choice. Another option–cut the fall bob on a slight angle with textured edges. This look is ideal for the girl who likes to shampoo and air dry on her way to algebra class.

Color How-Tos *for fall color trends click here!

Miley Cyrus

Jefferson says that young Ulta clients are clamoring for Miley Cyrus’ rich color. To create it, you should book an appointment with yours stylist for dimensional coloring.  You will need to have an all over color, along with “slice & weave” highlights on the top” and finished off with a glaze for superior shine!

To get Loren Conrad’s color you will have to have highlights done with 2 colors (once again dimensional color).  Charles Baker Strahan of Rare Salon works on the tresses of the Gossip Girl crowd, literally. Their stylist creates a dimensional look by first coloring the hair; then at the bowl, he combs all the hair straight back and combs in a  lightener, working the color away from the face. After processing, he finishes with a gloss to brighten up the look.

Lauren Conrad

The “grown-out” color look is also hugely popular with New York girls.  To achieve this you must book an appointment for highlights and lowlights, even on brunettes.  Alternating like this creates a really natural look.  Another popular thing to do is to have butterscotch-colored lowlights for “summered-out” blondes to warm up their bleached out color, again alternating placement—roots to ends and midlengths to ends—for the most natural effect.


Girls Next Door – House Bunny Premiere – Beautiful Blondes!

22 08 2008

 Girls Next Door Hef

In the salon, I have a great deal of clients that want to be what I call a “Bunny Blonde”.  If your natural hair color is dark (i.e. brown – dark brown), please note, it may take your stylist a few times to bring you to the “bunny blonde” that you desireIt is NOT safe to go from brown to platinum blonde in a day (unless, of course, you are putting on a wig!).  Once you achieve your platinum blonde shade, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE begin your hair treatments as recommended by your stylist.  You might believe that you don’t need the treatments (perhaps that your stylist is just trying to get more money from you), but you couldn’t be more wrong! 

Girls Next Door Kendra Holly Bridget Hef

In order to be a platinum (bunny) blonde, your stylist has to remove all melanin from your hair…basically, your hair in the “intensive care” wing of the hospital!  ~ Unfortunately, if the lightener stays on too long, your hair breaks off, if it is removed too soon, your hair ends up a “brassy” color.  The next phase in restoring your hair should be toning.  This is to close the cutile (therefore putting it back into “stable” condition….I realize there have been movies out there that have given toner a bad wrap, but for “Bunny” blondes this is very critical!  Once your hair is toned and trimmed…PLEASE ask your stylist (if he/she does not bring it up) what at home care you need to do.  Intensive conditioning treatments should be done once a month and a good conditioning shampoo and conditioner will help keep your locks in great shape!

If you have any questions about being a blonde..or becoming a “bunny” blonde, please feel free to comment or send me an e-mail

Until next week, may all your days be great hair days!  

 Girls Next Door Housebunny Premiere
Bridget House Bunny Movie Premiere Kendra









Kim Kardashian Pussycat Doll Performace Las Vegas 8.15.08

18 08 2008

Kim is one of my favorite celebrities right now – not only because she has GREAT HAIR and STYLE, but because, she isn’t exactly cookie cutter Hollywood! 

I applaud that she embraces her curves and brings back some glamour to Hollywood! Kim Kardashian

I was CRUSHED when I read that she was quoted in Radar magazine saying that she is on a strict diet and is trying to lose her well…let’s just say her…”assets”!  Sigh…I only pray she doesn’t fall prey to the stick figure, starvation, I haven’t ate in…*insert date here* mindset!

Oh…and I also read that it is rumored that she is one of the stars that will be appearing on the next “Dancing With Stars” season!  I am so excited!

Want to look like Kim?!?!? Below is a video on how to create her signature eyes.  Also, you can learn how to put on false eyelashes and create loose curls on my “how to” page .  Once you put in the loose curls, remember to back comb the crown (underneath), and then lightly smooth it out (you will only finger comb the curls at the bottom).  My favorite tool for backcombing is called Tease and can be purchased at Sally’s Beauty Supply.

Kim KardashianKim Kardashian

Kim KardashianKim Kardashian

Hayden Panettiere & Eva Longoria – Ways to Spice Up and Change Your Bob!

16 08 2008

Eva and Hayden are just two of the many celebrities (and people) wearing the “bob” style haircut. What I love is that they are appearing on the red carpet with their bobs curled or pulled up – therefore showing that there is some versatility in the haircut!

 Hayden Panettiere & Evan Longoria

Now, please be aware, before you grab the phone and make a call to have your hair cut off, please note, the stacked bob is going OUT of style (if you want to have it stacked you need to cut it off like Katie in order to be modern and not dated).  The latest version of the bob is one length with minimal graduation (like Hayden and Eva).  Please make sure to tell your hairdresser what TYPE of bob you are looking for as you don’t want to end up walking around with an out-of-style cut!



  Hayden PanettiereHayden Panettiere 

  Hayden PanettiereEva Longoria Parker

Katie Holmes Hairstyle – Alternative Styling – Check out Pink (Alicia Moore)

15 08 2008

So, the buzz is all around Katie Holmes and how she cut her hair.  Well, some call it the “soccer mom” cut or the “burbs pixie“.

Katie Holmes

But can this cut be put in a box?  I say NO! I live in the burbs and sport this same hairstyle, BUT….I am not your stereotypical Stepford Wife!  Neither are my clients!  Due to this, I thought it was necessary to include some alternative styling options to the new Katie Do!  Please don’t get me wrong, I LOVE this cut and I love the classic style, but sometimes people like to be a little more edgy!


You all might remember Pink (Alicia Moore). She has been wearing this style for some time and she is the furthest thing from having “mom” hair.  So for those days when you are feeling a little more spunky than your classic style…add a little pomade and piece your hair out…PINK STYLE!

Click here for the orginal Katie Holmes pixie cut post.


Pink Pink

Pussycat Dolls – Doll Domination Photoshoot! Hot New Pix!

11 08 2008

I am such a fan of PCD!  You would not believe it!  Which is why I am so excited to post the new pix from the Doll Domination PhotoshootThese women put the S in Sex Appeal!  I applaud their stylist and am so excited that no matter what your hair color, you have a Doll to look up to! * Wow! 

Now, in order to replicate most of their styles, you will need to put in some extensions.  For a quick fix, try Jessica Simpson’s Hairuwear.  Below is a video that shows how quick and easy these extensions are to use!!

 Pussycat DollsPussycat Dolls

Pussycat Dolls Pussycat Dolls

Hayden Panettiere Latest Photos (Netflix Concert 8.9.08) – No Extensions – Short Bob Hairstyle!

10 08 2008

Yeah!  Here I thought Hayden had scissor remorse and put the extensions back in her hair…BUT…then she appeared at the Netflix Concert on 8.9.08 with her hair down and perfectly styled! 

Hayden Panettiere

Check it out!  Whew…no extensions yet…but I am on the look out for when they go back in! It is just a matter of time in Hollywood!  *click here to check out my original blog with photos and video of her cut!

Hayden Panettiere Hayden Panettiere  

  Hayden Panettiere Hayden Panettiere