60th Annual Emmy’s Celebrity Must Have Updo’s & Don’ts!

22 09 2008

The Emmy’s are one of my favorite red carpet events!  The celebrity stylists pull out all of the stops to create eye catching glamorous looks.  This year the most popular hairstyle worn was the chignon.  Some celebrities opted for tossled curls secured at the nape (Evangelia Lily & Vanessa Williams), while others (like Hayden Panetierre & Julia Dreyfus) wore their chignons perfectly coiffed – smooth and sculpted.

Vanessa Williams Hayden Panettiere

The most important thing is that the best tresses had styles created at the nape of the neck.  The  worst coiffed celebs wore their styles at the crown of their head and had hideous curls- which MIGHT have worked for another event in another era (circa 1987 prom).  I just don’t understand what they were or their stylists were thinking.  Were their stylists even trying?  Obviously…her stylist must HATE her…otherwise why would she let her be on the red carpet looking such a hot mess!  Same thing goes to Jennifer Love Hewitt.  Seriously.  Wow…what a disappointment. 


Christina DeRosa Jennifer Love Hewitt

Hope you all enjoy!  As always, if you have any hairstyle questions or requests for trends – please submit a comment – I would love to hear from ya!
Evangelina LilyEvangelina Lily
Julia DreyfusJulia Dreyfus
Heidi Klum Heidi Klum


Christina Applegate Olivia Wilde
*correction – the original post had mistaken Alyssa Milano for Christina DeRosa. My heartfelt apology goes out to Alyssa as I should have known better than to say or think that she would leave the house looking like that! Sorry!! Thanks Erin!!


Victoria Beckham’s NEW Hairstyle – Presenting the ‘Pop’ / ‘Posh Crop’

12 09 2008

BOOK now, don’t delay! You know the hair salons are going to be packed this weekend because the Queen of Hair Reinvention has done it again!

Leave it to our girl Victoria Beckham to make a memorable mark with her mane—or in this case, lack thereof. Mrs. Becks unveiled her most daring cut ever, with an elfin crop that will invite comparisons with fashion legends Audrey Hepburn and Mia Farrow, at this week’s New York Fashion Week. Posh was the talk of last Monday evening as she sat in the front row at her friend Marc Jacobs’s show along with Jennifer Lopez.

Victoria Beckham Pixie

Victoria ‘s new hairstyle has been dubbed the ‘Pop’ aka the ‘Posh crop’ by tabloid newspapers in the UK. It’s the latest in a series of dramatic styles over the years which include: the chin-length black bob, a blonde spiky crop and the ‘Pob’ or Posh bob. Beckham made waves in 2006 when she ditched her ever-present hair extensions in favor of a sharp, asymmetrical bob. Fellow celebs such as Katie Holmes, Hayden Pannetiere and Paris Hilton soon followed suit.

Victoria Beckham in the Pixie/Pop with Jennifer Lopez

As with her previous styles, the ‘Pop’ complements Posh’s petite frame and perfect bone structure. Posh is also back to her dark roots in this style designed New York celebrity crimper Garren. In an interview with the UK’s Mirror newspaper, Garren said that he wanted to play up her elegant features and beautiful big eyes.

“It’s not a look everyone could get away with – but Victoria wears it well. We had to go short and create a new look that embraced Victoria’s beauty, great personality and fantastic figure. She has beautiful, playful eyes that stand out now.”

Garren’s clients include Madonna, Nicole Kidman and “Sex In The City” star Sarah Jessica Parker.

The Manhattan stylist also told the Mirror: “It’s not a look everyone could get away with – but Victoria wears it well.”

Victoria told the Mirror: “I felt it was time for a real change. I wanted to pull my hair back from my face and have always loved the idea of having a gamine crop.

“I spent a long time looking at the great fashion haircuts of the 90s and went to Garren, the master of those cuts, to create our modern interpretation of this look. I love it!”

So what do you all think of Posh’s new do? Is it too drastic or Posh perfect? How long do you think it will be before BFF Katie Holmes does the same?

Here is celebrity stylist Andrew Barton’s Guide to the Pop from http://www.mirror.co.uk.

(1) Really consider your face shape, your size and profile. A short severe hair cut like this only tends to suit girls with petite features. Ask your hairdresser to be really honest with you about whether or not it will suit you.

(2) If you do have a fuller figure you can get away with something similar but less severe by wearing the fringe hair a little longer, maybe having it not quite as short by the ears so it can be tucked. It will suit you better a little bit fuller and softer. Having slightly more hair on the head is flattering when you’ve got a fuller figure.
(3) Although heart-shaped faces are perfect for this cut it works well on a round face too. The spiky texture on the top will give a round face shape a bit of height.
(4) It’s not a cut exclusively for the young. More mature ladies like Sharon Stone also look fantastic with it.
(5) Once you have a hair cut like this you do need to use product in it to polish it and make it look great all the time. You really need to avoid gels as they’re going to be quite hard and crisp.   (YourRealBeauty.com Note: My favorite product is Aveda Control Paste & Aveda Light Elements Defining Whip.)  Make sure you rub your product into the ends of the hair and as it will give it separation and definition.
(6) If you do go for a crop, go for all over colour. If you put pieces of colour in, it can start looking like leopard print. Having an all over colour on hair will also make it shine.
Barton’s client, Masie, took the plunge and had her midi-bob transformed into a Posh pixie crop. As you can see, the results were amazing!
Before the Victoria Beckham Pop


After the Victoria Beckham Pop


Finally, here’s the inspiration for the Pop as worn by Mia Farrow in the 1968 film “Rosemary’s Baby.” Who do you think wears this pixie better? Posh or Mia?

The Great Hair After – Recreating the Salon Look & Celebrity MTV VMA Styles!

8 09 2008

Your hair always looks fab in the salon, but once you get home…not the same, right?  Want to get that glam style worn by the celebrities at the VMAs, Oscars, and Red Carpet events?  Well, follow these steps to get you well on the ways to salon perfect hair EVERY day!

Pussy Cat Dolls MTV VMA

Pussy Cat Dolls at the MTV 2008 VMAs

Wash your troubles away
There’s a reason salon shampoos last a long time: It takes a thorough wash (I recommend shampooing the hair twice, the first shampoo removes the oils and build up – the second shampoo thoroughly cleanses the hair) and an even more thorough rinse–to get a great look. Translation: No matter how great the cut is, if your locks are gunked up with product, you are–as Frédéric Fekkai would say–Le Screwed. Once you think you’ve rinsed enough, take one more minute to make sure all the dirt and product are down the drain.

Clear the air
It’s hard to style hair effectively in air that feels like New Orleans in August. If your post-shower bathroom is humid, wait 10 minutes before powering up the blow-dryer or take the styling show to another room.

Exercise restraint
Women tend to overuse styling products to tame their natural texture. Professional products are more concentrated therefore start with a dime-size amount; add more only if you have to.


Pink at the 2008 MTV VMAs

Know your hardware
When it comes to styling tools, your best bet is a boar-bristle brush (my favorite is the Marilyn Tuxedo medium round boar brush, $14). It grips hair well, and the natural bristles help disperse styling products better than synthetic ones. Don’t forget a powerful blow-dryer: at least 1,800 watts will create enough air flow and heat to help products penetrate the hair cuticles and do their stuff.

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera 2008 MTV VMA Awards

Have a blast
Don’t start styling your hair until it’s 80 percent dry (unless it’s curly). The less time you spend tugging at your hair, the less damage you’ll do. Move a blow-dryer around your head, gently tousling the hair with your fingers until it’s only slightly damp. Then, working in sections with the dryer three inches away, blow-dry your hair from the roots to the ends–that will help the cuticles lie flat. When you’re done, flip over and blast the underside for 30 seconds with cool air–instant volume, sister!

Audrina Patridge

Audrina Patridge 2008 MTV VMAs

Fantastic Finish

The last step is the fantastic finish!  For hair styling tips, please check out my hairstyling tips page to watch videos on how to create the beautiful loose curls worn by Lauren Conrad and bobs like Hayden Panettiere.  If you are looking to recreate the curls worn by Brittney Spears at the 2008 MTV VMAs pick up a 3 Barrel Vidal Sassoon Curling iron.  The finish is super easy to recreate (clamping hair roots to end) and result is simply gorgeous!

Brittney Spears & Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift & Britney Spears 2008 MTV VMA Awards Award for Best Hair of the Night! Lauren Conrad!



  •   Lauren Conrad Lauren Conrad

Bridal – Formal Hairstyles, Frequently Asked Questions & More!

2 09 2008

You’ve found the perfect dress, all of your planning is coming together and now it is time to think about your HAIR and MAKEUP! Next to your dress, this is the MOST important thing that you will have done. I mean, how often have you looked at some old wedding photos and have been like – what on earth were they thinking! RIGHT?!?! Once the honeymoon is over, the one thing that you will be able to remember your wedding by is your photos, so make sure you look you best!

As a stylist it is my goal to provide you, the bride, with the best possible pamering services for looking beautiful and feeling beautiful. The bridal services are designed to provide beautiful results for your wedding day and memories that will last a lifetime!

Below please find some beautiful bridal hairstyles as well as answers to some frequently asked questions and bridal tips!

Formal Updo’s and Styles
Formal Style Formal Updo Formal Updo
Formal Updo Formal Hairstyle Formal Hairstyle
Formal Elegant Hairstyle Formal Hairstyle Updo Formal Updo
Jaime Pressly Katherine Heigl Heidi Klum
Carrie Underwood Formal Style Jessica Alba Updo Jessica Alba Updo
Kiera Knightly Updo Charlize Theron Updo Jennifer Lopez

So now you have your style….now what??? Frequently Asked Questions!

How many months before my wedding should I schedule my consultation with my stylist? Dates and times fill quickly, therefore at Joseph and Friends we recommend scheduling your pre-wedding consultation at least 3 months prior to your wedding date.

What if I want to grow my hair to wear an updo? Don’t wait! Schedule your pre-wedding consultation to meet with a stylist to discuss ideas for a wedding day hairstyle.

What if I don’t wear makeup and want a natural look, do I need to hire a professional makeup artist? At the salon we have professional makeup artists that will give you a flawless finish specifically for your camera’s lighting.

What type of bridal packages do salons offer? At Joseph and Friends we specialize in bridal hair and makeup – therefore we offer a number of packages from full days of beauty to spa, makeup only, and hair only styling. I strongly recommend the “Bridal Only” package to all of my brides. This package consists of 3 visits. The initial visit addresses your style design & makeup needs. The next consultation is more in- depth – this is where we put everything into motion and will practice your hairstyle w/ the head piece & make necessary changes for suit your needs. Visit Three is your wedding day! This visit is dedicated to preparing you (hair & makeup) for your special day!

Need to get fit for your special day? Check out Boot Camp in the Park! 6 weeks to a new you!