Heidi Klum’s New Do! Plus Other Celebs with Hot Styles!

21 12 2008

“The Bod” has a new do and of course she looks absolutely stunning!   As a stylist, I would tell Heidi to come in for a touch up on her regrowth, but when you are as HOT as Heidi, there are some things you can get away with!

Heidi Klum

November 2008

Heidi Klum

December 2008

Other Stars to remake their style in 2008:

Jennifer Lopez

Wow, to think she had twins! Amazing!

Britney Spears

I never gave up on her! The Best Make Over of 2008!


Lower Your Beauty Imprint, Minimize your Life, Make a Difference!

15 12 2008

Are you going green and want to tap into ways to lower your “imprint”? Want to minimize your life and make a difference?  If you answered yes, then READ ON!

The first thing you must do is go through your vanity and your make up bag.  Pick out the items you have used in the past 6 months.  Those items you will keep, you love them, need them, we all get that!

But now you should have a stack of hair care and beauty/make up items.  The make up needs to be thrown away, plain and simple!  Most of it is perishable and has bacteria growing on it.  I mean, as an example:  six months ago you bought this fabulous lipstick.  You wore it the night you went to have sushi, right.  Well after dinner, you freshened up your look by reapplying that lipstick.  After that night, that tube of lipstick has sat in your makeup bag….hmmm…breeding sushi bacteria! Yuck!

Now, the hair care items.  If they are gently used, donate them to a woman’s shelter. They are always in need of hair care items!  Right now at Joesph & Friends Lifestyle Salon and Spa we are collecting gently used products for a local woman’s shelter.  All of our clients that bring in gently used items received 15% off their retail purchase!  Saving money & making a difference!

Below are some great tips from a reader (enjoy!):

Best of Boston 2008” salon owner, Nicholas Penna Jr., of SalonCapri in Newton Highlands/Hyde Park, MA. gives the following tips to saving Money & Stress!

“Skip Shampoo to conserve your hair products and save $/ stress on your hair:

  • Shower daily, but don’t always shampoo! Just wash out hair with water and dry it normally
    • Three times a week use shampoo and wash hair thoroughly
    • By reducing the amount of times you shampoo a week, you can also save on fading your color

Create Dreadlocks (the easy way!):

  • Section off hair into half-inch sized sections
    Apply a wax to the section of hair
    Using a comb, tease the root area of the hair
    Begin to twist the hair
    Spray with a light hairspray
    Use a flat iron to hold the hair in place and move it up and down to create a “dread lock” look

I hope every day is a great hair day!!!

‘Tis the Season: Holiday Style and Color

1 12 2008

Hi Everyone!  I saw this amazing article and wanted to share it with you!  These are the beautiful styles that will be hot for this season!  Hope you enjoy!  May everyday be a GREAT HAIR DAY!

Hopefully, the slow economy and falling stock prices won’t put a damper on festive gatherings this season.  Everyone could use a lift so why not amp up the cheer level with some great holiday ‘dos?  Here are a few merry styles and joyous color ideas to ensure lovely holiday locks.

Joyful ‘Dos
The holidays are special so the prom approach doesn’t cut it and a simple blow-out is just too…simple. Instead, offer opt for a sexy, fabulous look to make your season bright.

Celebrity stylist Orlando Pita’s “friendly Amy Winehouse”—a soft-swept ponytail–is sweet and sexy, and perfect for holiday merrymaking. “It’s a sixties-inspired, exaggerated beehive with a graceful tail,” Pita explains.  To create this look, he applies a volumizer to damp hair and blow dries with a boar bristle brush, curling hair under as he goes. A little more volumizer into dry hair will provide additional volume and texture.

Next, he creates a side part (pick the best side) and backcombs the entire head, 3-4 inches from the root. On the opposite side of the part at the back of the head, he sweeps all the hair over to the side and places a row of bobby pins from the bottom of the hairline diagonally to the center of the top of the head. Next, he brings all remaining hair over, making sure to retain as much volume as possible on top. Continuing, he starts rolling hair from the top, securing with pins along the way. Finally, he lets the ponytail hang loosely at the side of the head.

Finish the look with your favorite hairspray and shine spritz and voila!  A holiday look that’s ready for anything, even the in-laws!
Tip: Add a special accent with a glittery brooch at the top of the tail.

Phillip Wilson, Global Creative Director for FHI Heat, says, “Be fabulous over the holiday season, in spite of any bad economic news. It’s a time to look and feel glamorous.” For a festive look, create lift and dimension on shoulder-length-or-longer locks by ‘fast-setting’ with braids and heat. Divide the two top layers into one-inch sections and braid each section loosely. Don’t braid too tightly, Wilson warns, as it will prevent even, rapid heat distribution. Grab your favorite styling iron and move it down each braid, from scalp to ends. Repeat this process over the entire head to ensure a proper set, then let the braids cool completely. Once cool, open the braids and work in a shine gloss…..And, warns Wilson, don’t brush the braids out!
Tip: For a funky downtown look, leave the ends straight. For more polish, turn the ends under with the iron.

For another holiday style, use your favorite styling iron, to create a sophisticated “under-over” effect on shoulder-length (or shorter) hair. “On one layer,” he explains, “flick the ends up, turning the wrist away from the face. On the next layer, reverse your direction, flicking the ends down toward the face.” Repeat this process throughout the whole head, making sure to flip the final layer up.
Tip: Look to future First Lady Michelle Obama for inspiration when creating this textured style.

Ornamental Accessories
This year has been all about hair accessories, so keep the trend going through the holidays. The “hippie” style headband fashioned from sparkly fabric or pretty rhinestones is a fun option for younger individuals with long, straight hair. Delicate brooches and jeweled barrettes add just the right amount of shimmer to any holiday look.

Cheerful Color
The perfect accessory for a stunning holiday look is equally stunning hair color.  Formulate shades that warm up locks like a cozy fire on a winter day.

Choose multi-dimensional color, suggests Melissa Johnson of Patrick McIvor Color Studio in Pennsylvania. “Weaving two shades of highlights throughout brunette hair, adding lowlights and texture to blonde hair and using russet and copper lowlights in red hair all add dimensional richness to the color,” she explains. Two of Johnson’s favorite color combos are:
Dark Brunettes – alternate mahogany with rich caramel.

Warm Blondes – use a soft sunset-gold lowlight.

Mia, a sought-after Bay Area colorist suggests scheduling an appointment for a glazing service when you visit your salon for a holiday style. Shiny, healthy hair will brighten up a dull winter day in a flash, and that’s what glazing produces. “If your hair color already looks good, a glaze will give it some oomph!” she says. “A clear glaze will improve hair’s texture and shine and a tinted glaze will brighten golden tones, soften brassy tones and enrich redheads.” If you are cash-strapped and can’t get in for six-week touch-ups, avoid creating super straight or slicked back styles. “This will only draw attention to the roots,” Mia warns. Instead, opt for a textured or curly style until you returns for your next appointment.