Fergie – Stacy Ann Ferguson – Beautiful Blonde Locks!

6 01 2009

Let’s face it, Fergie is a crowd stopper when it comes to the beauty department.  She is always stunning and in fabulous form (just check out her Glamour Woman of the Year photo below).  This New Years Eve she debuted blonder locks at the party she co-hosted with Carmen Electra in Las Vegas.  Now, we all have our favorite hair colors, hmmm, what is your vote?  Looks to me like the Duchess might have a case of Blonderexia – as a stylist I can only recommend two things:  Hair Spa (Aveda) and Hair Treatments.

  • Being THIS blonde is hard on the hair – so anyone wanting to be platinum, do NOT skimp on the treatments, find a stylist that specializes in blonding, and remember, platinum hair requires a lot of up keep – so if you can’t afford to spend your time and money at the salon, stay more like Fegie’s November look!

Fergie: Glamour Woman of the Year - November 2008


Fergie Las Vegas New Years Eve Party 2008

Fergie & Carmen Electra