The Golden Rule…does it exist anymore?

13 07 2009

Not sure if it is old age, wisdom, or just a shift in society, but more often I find myself wondering…whatever happened to the Golden Rule!?! Remember that sign that hung above the archway in school…you remember it….. “Do Unto Others as You Would Have Done Unto You”.

So why the tangent? Isn’t this site supposed to be focused on beauty? Yes, this site will continue to focus on beauty, but it is about your REAL beauty, we all know it comes from within and lately I have seen many gorgeous people look REALLY ugly!

Case in point, the other evening when I was leaving work, someone had to share some words with me and I found myself suddenly turning into my pomeranian. You know, that confused look dogs make when human speak to them….head cocked – side to side. At the time I was confused, amused and annoyed. I listened, then started counting the “I”s…”I wanted to”…”I needed to”…”I…I…I”….seriously…then the blame storming session began…”You NEED to”, “You” this…”You” that….

Ok, Ok, so I NEED to get to the point…Point is…everyone needs to take personal inventory of their feelings and actions before having verbal diarrhea and starting a blame-storming session. Ask yourself, are you misdirecting your anger? Are your feelings authentic? Are you being selfish? and most importantly….Would I want this person to do the same thing to me? (the Golden Rule)!

The world is changing.  We are all trying to “go green” and tell people what cause we belong to and give back…all that fun stuff.  That is all fine and dandy, but what I see is that as do a lot of “telling” and not a lot of “doing”. Example…another person, super big on the environment, recycling, etc. Well, the other day I overheard her talking about how she was a witness to an accident and drove away because she would have been late to work and had things to do.  She went on to say that the victim of the accident looked at her and made a face like “you are aren’t going to leave are you”…and she said, “that was totally not my problem”.  Wow.  Definitely NOT real beauty, huh?  If she applied the Golden Rule, she might have called her boss and let them know she was a witness to an accident and needed to make a statement for the police – 15 minutes could have impacted someones life/day.

All I ask of everyone is to be a little kinder. Once a day let the person in the cross walk go first, let someone merge in traffic, hold a door open, or just smile at someone.  It doesn’t cost anything, won’t take but 2 seconds of your time, but it just might make someones day!


hair created by Damian Carney

hair created by Damian Carney