You’ve found the perfect dress, all of your planning is coming together and now it is time to think about your HAIR and MAKEUP! Next to your dress, this is the MOST important thing that you will have done. I mean, how often have you looked at some old wedding photos and have been like – what on earth were they thinking! RIGHT?!?! Once the honeymoon is over, the one thing that you will be able to remember your wedding by is your photos, so make sure you look you best!

As a stylist it is my goal to provide you, the bride, with the best possible pamering services for looking beautiful and feeling beautiful. The bridal services are designed to provide beautiful results for your wedding day and memories that will last a lifetime!

Below please find some beautiful bridal hairstyles as well as answers to some frequently asked questions and bridal tips!

Formal Updo’s and Styles
Formal Style Formal Updo Formal Updo
Formal Updo Formal Hairstyle Formal Hairstyle
Formal Elegant Hairstyle Formal Hairstyle Updo Formal Updo
Jaime Pressly Katherine Heigl Heidi Klum
Carrie Underwood Formal Style Jessica Alba Updo Jessica Alba Updo
Kiera Knightly Updo Charlize Theron Updo Jennifer Lopez

So now you have your style….now what???  Frequently Asked Questions!

How many months before my wedding should I schedule my consultation with my stylist? Dates and times fill quickly, therefore I recommend scheduling your pre-wedding consultation at least 3 months prior to your wedding date.

What if I want to grow my hair to wear an updo? Don’t wait!  Schedule your pre-wedding consultation to meet with a stylist to discuss ideas for a wedding day hairstyle.

What if I don’t wear makeup and want a natural look, do I need to hire a professional makeup artist? As a professional makeup artists I will give you a flawless finish specifically for your camera’s lighting.

What type of bridal packages do salons offer? I specialize in bridal hair and makeup – therefore I  offer a number of packages from on-site services, makeup only, and hair only styling.  I strongly recommend  brides purchase a bridal package that includes:  the initial visit addresses your style design & makeup needs; the next consultation is more in- depth – this is where we put everything into motion and will practice your hairstyle w/ the head piece & make necessary changes for suit your needs; and the third visit is your wedding day!  This visit is dedicated to preparing you (hair & makeup) for your special day!


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