Spring is HERE!  Yeah! We made it through the harsh winter weather and get to start planning our new  style/color!  So what is H-O-T this season???

BLONDES! – some folks are still doing the buttery blonde, the trend for 2009 is a COOL blonde (think vanilla ice or platinum).  You don’t have to be white blonde all over (not every skin type can handle this color)…but you do want to put some of the lighter colors in your hair as the temperatures heat up!

Other hot colors……well, I just got a look at the Aveda Color Trends for the upcoming season (pix below) and it is full of plums, lavendar, pinks and rose.  Not up to having lavendar and pink in your hair?  That is OK!  Aveda also has the light browns (I see it as wheat – a cool dark blonde)  and chocolate brown colors that are fab for every season!!

With that said, it is time to go contact your stylist and book an appointment for a full or partial high light or dimensional color.  In case you are wondering about the difference, High lights means color one or more shades lighter than your natural Full High Light means the high lights go all the way down to your nape- perfect if you wear a pony tail.  Partial High Light is everything from the top of your ears up (if you were to put on a base ball cap, everything the cap covers).  Dimensional color means shades inbetween the lightest color  you currently have and your natural color.  If you want to add a little depth to your oh so platinum blonde hair, ask your stylist to weave in dimensional color in a beautiful wheat tone.   Summer is coming, time to begin the process of lightening up!

Also, stylists have a slew of new techniques in foil placements that allow you to achieve different results without having to make a DRASTIC change. We have tradiational weave & slice method, but also vertical, horizontal, and diagonal straps! We can give you anything from subtle to dramactic~not saying you have to do it, but hey, engage in the diaglogue with your stylist. Who knows one day you might be open to try something new!

*Photos of styles created by the Aveda Artistic Team:

Creative Direction: Antoinette Beenders, Global Creative Director/VP Creative
Hair Color: Ian Michael Black, Artistic Director, Aveda Advanced Academy, London
Hair Style: Kurt Kueffner, Director Men’s Education for Aveda, Minneapolis; Ricardo Dinis, Creative Director for Aveda Spain, Madrid
Make-up: Rudy Miles, Aveda Global Make-up Director, New York
Photography: Miguel Reveriego
Photostyling: Marie Chaix


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