Styling Tips & Videos

Achieve Kim Kardashian’s eyes with FALSE EYELASHES!

This tutorial is an amazing way for you to learn to use false eyelashes! 

Fake the Hayden Panettiere Bob!
Check out how to turn your long layered hair into a short and sassy bob!

Side Pony Tail – Lauren Conrad from the Hills, Miley Cirus, and Carrie Underwood inspired!

Below is an AMAZING video on how to create a side ponytail like those worn by all of the young celebrities in Hollywood.  I know, at first glance you are like, what, I can see, a side ponytail on short hair, so not me…but seriously, check it out!  I was impressed and I know you will too BECAUSE…Johnny Lavoy also shows you how to add extensions to your ponytail so that those with shorter hairstyles can also achieve this look – and those folks that have fine hair, can use extensions to PUMP up the ponytail and look FIERCE.  Enjoy!


Hot Set Curls

The award winning Edward Tricomi instructs you on how to get those sought after tossled curls that all of the hot celebrities are wearing!  If you are still having problems getting the technique down, please ask your stylist for a lesson.   I love to teach my clients how to create the latest styles at home!

Hot Rollers:

Another option to the curling iron is the hot roller.  I love this technique as it is quick, easy, and you can put on your make up while your rollers are cooling (helps set the curl).  If you have questions after watching the video, please feel free to talk to your stylist for tips and techniques.


3 responses

16 07 2008

Great video’s!! I need to buy some new hot rollers!! 🙂

3 08 2009

instead of using fake eyelashes for kk’s eyes. wouldnt it be possible to use either lengthening or volumnizing mascara?

7 08 2009

Yes, my favorite mascara is Cover Girl Lash Blast (orange tube)…BUT…to get Kim’s look…SHE DOES USE FALSE EYELASHES….but some individuals might have long/thick lashes already. Thank you so much for your comments! They are appreciated!

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