I AM BACK! Sorry! Starting off with some deals!

23 10 2011

Hey folks!

So glad to be back!  I know I have been MIA for a while, but now I am going to get back to blogging about all the latest hair, fashion, and fitness trends.

Thanks for continuing to support me through my absence….feels great to be back!


Rocker Katy Perry Reinvents the West Ham United Soccer Jersey

6 11 2009

The soccer fans amongst us might be familiar with the West Ham United Umbro 2009/10 home jersey. However, at last night’s MTV European Music Awards, rocker host Katy Perry donned a new incarnation of the Hammers kit to pay tribute to boyfriend Russel Brand’s favourite soccer team.

Katy’s West Ham kit consisted of a corset and tight-fitting shorts.  The top featured the team’s badges on each breast while the shorts featured  Russell’s nickname of ‘Rusty’ on its back.

In response to Perry’s act, Russell posed the following on his Twitter page:

Wow. Now MY GIRLFRIEND has worn a West Ham basque while hosting the EMA’s. What a day! I might revive Gandhi and ask if he wants to be mates.

Yes I will be taking her to a game – West Ham Vs Everton. And, before it begins, no I won’t be taking her up the Arsenal.

It’s not known how much Santa Barbara, California – born Perry knows about the Beautiful Game.

Katy Perry in West Ham United BasqueKaty Perry in West Ham United BasqueKaty Perry in West Ham United Basque

Katy Perry in West Ham United BasqueKaty Perry in West Ham United Basque

Kim Kardashian – Cookie Cutter Hollywood

11 08 2009


I love Kim Kardashian..I was her biggest fan, but lately, I am saddened by what has happened.  The beautiful Kim that we all fell in love with has turned into JLo circa 1998.  No offense JLo, but we remember when you were known for your booty and curves, then suddenly slimmed down, turned blonde, so on and so forth.  So now, we were once again given a girl that had curves (which in my book helped young women appreciate their curves), but now she has suddenly revamped her image.  This resulted in drastic weight loss, less eye makeup, softer colored lips, and not to top if all off she has blonde hair! Hmmmm…wonder when her album is dropping or her clothing line will be released?

I don’t mean to sound negative as the girl is beautiful.  I am a huge fan, but at the same time, why can’t someone keep some of their REAL BEAUTY…their AUTHENTIC beauty, and still be a success? She is Armenian-American.  Armenian women are have beautiful dark hair and wear dramtic eye makeup.  It is what makes them unique and beautiful.  Why must Kim become the cookie cutter blonde, who hasn’t ate in a year, that Hollywood keeps reproducing?  It reminds me of those Cylons from Battlestar Galactica! ha ha ha…In any event.  Kim, you are beautiful.  Hollywood stylists, knock it off!  People in the world need to be able to admire more than just blondes (btw, I am a blonde and love blondes),  enough is enough!

Mousy Brown No More! Britney Spears New Hair

8 08 2009

From Drab to FAB!  Brit, Brit is at it again! As you can tell by the photos below, she has taken her locks to a beautiful golden blonde, a much needed improvement over the mousy brown locks she was sporting before her makeover!


It is great to see that her hair is now below her chin…soon perhaps she can go sans extensions….or maybe not as we all know how awesome extensions are at adding volume to fine limp hair!


Wow…she is just amazing!  Hotter than ever!  I love the platinum highlights and golden blonde lowlights.

Britney Spears August 2009 New HairstyleBritney Spears August 2009 New HairstyleBritney Spears August 2009 New HairstyleBritney Spears August 2009 New Hairstyle

Rockin hair, rockin bod….GO BRITNEY GO!

Britney Spears August 2009 New HairstyleBritney Spears August 2009 New HairstyleBritney Spears August 2009 New Hairstyle

The Golden Rule…does it exist anymore?

13 07 2009

Not sure if it is old age, wisdom, or just a shift in society, but more often I find myself wondering…whatever happened to the Golden Rule!?! Remember that sign that hung above the archway in school…you remember it….. “Do Unto Others as You Would Have Done Unto You”.

So why the tangent? Isn’t this site supposed to be focused on beauty? Yes, this site will continue to focus on beauty, but it is about your REAL beauty, we all know it comes from within and lately I have seen many gorgeous people look REALLY ugly!

Case in point, the other evening when I was leaving work, someone had to share some words with me and I found myself suddenly turning into my pomeranian. You know, that confused look dogs make when human speak to them….head cocked – side to side. At the time I was confused, amused and annoyed. I listened, then started counting the “I”s…”I wanted to”…”I needed to”…”I…I…I”….seriously…then the blame storming session began…”You NEED to”, “You” this…”You” that….

Ok, Ok, so I NEED to get to the point…Point is…everyone needs to take personal inventory of their feelings and actions before having verbal diarrhea and starting a blame-storming session. Ask yourself, are you misdirecting your anger? Are your feelings authentic? Are you being selfish? and most importantly….Would I want this person to do the same thing to me? (the Golden Rule)!

The world is changing.  We are all trying to “go green” and tell people what cause we belong to and give back…all that fun stuff.  That is all fine and dandy, but what I see is that as do a lot of “telling” and not a lot of “doing”. Example…another person, super big on the environment, recycling, etc. Well, the other day I overheard her talking about how she was a witness to an accident and drove away because she would have been late to work and had things to do.  She went on to say that the victim of the accident looked at her and made a face like “you are aren’t going to leave are you”…and she said, “that was totally not my problem”.  Wow.  Definitely NOT real beauty, huh?  If she applied the Golden Rule, she might have called her boss and let them know she was a witness to an accident and needed to make a statement for the police – 15 minutes could have impacted someones life/day.

All I ask of everyone is to be a little kinder. Once a day let the person in the cross walk go first, let someone merge in traffic, hold a door open, or just smile at someone.  It doesn’t cost anything, won’t take but 2 seconds of your time, but it just might make someones day!


hair created by Damian Carney

hair created by Damian Carney

David Beckham’s Latest Hairstyle – Certain to be a Fan FAVE!

18 05 2009

England soccer star and international style icon David Beckham attended the launch of The England 2018 / 2022 World Cup bid at Wembley Stadium in London today sporting his latest hair style. The formal “faux hawk lite” seems to work well on the soccer field or with a suit on Becks but should suit just about any stylish man in 2009.  This is one of my favorite looks and am certain it will be a fan fav!

Gentlemen, to replicate this style, you will need to invest in some product…I recommend a cream hold product (applied wet), blow dry into style and finish with a firm hold hair spray.  Sorry, Becks is not a wash and wear kind of guy!

If you’re interested in any of David Beckham’s many hairstyles, check out our David Beckham Style Gallery for a look at some of the previous incarnations of Golden Balls’ locks.

David Beckham Latest Hair StyleDavid Beckham Latest Hair StyleDavid Beckham Latest Hair StyleDavid Beckham Latest Hair Style

David Beckham Latest Hair Style

Top Celebrity Style at The Model As Muse: Embodying Fashion Costume Institute Gala, May 4

5 05 2009

Talk about Hollywood Beauty. Yes, there were some fashion and hair “no nos” but I am feeling upbeat and thought I would keep my focus on the Perfect 10s!

Blake Lively = Show Stopper!

HELLO! Wow, this photo says everything. What I love is that her hair is elegant and simple.  It did not compete with the dress.  Remember that ladies…do not overdo it!  This hair style is sleek and stylish, just like her dress….WOW!

Blake Lively

Kate = Golden Tresses, Golden Dress, Golden Girl!

Just like Blake, she kept her hair simple, beautiful and elegant.  Lose flowing, barely there curls…just like her dress.  Very important tip…your hair should match the dress!

Kate Hudson

Jessica Biel = Sexy, Sexy, Sexy

Jessica’s hair accentuates her neck and bust line, letting the drop dead gorgeous dress take center stage.  What I also love is that even though her dress is tailored with fine detailing, her hair is in the “undone updo”.  It would have been easy to put shape into her updo, but that would have overdone her appearance and been a fashion “NO”.  Great job to her stylist!  You always make Jessica look amazing!

Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake Jessica Biel

Katie Perry = Goddess

Is that Katie or Cleopatra?  Nah…just kidding Katie! I love your bob, I love your heavy bang and beautiful eye makeup.  Sleek and sophisticated.  I can’t imagine another hairstyle working with this dress….simply ravishing!

Katie Perry